What is Meditation?

Meditation is the art of inturning, focusing, and balancing the forces of your mind to a point of peace and tranquility. Meditation is not just a technique, but also a basic approach to life that becomes a foundation for living, loving, and laughing.

       /Goswami Kriyananda/



Why Meditate?

Meditation is the art and science of setting yourself free from negative qualities, such as:
Negative emotions
Aspects of consciousness that contribute to feelings of fear and apprehension

Meditation has positive, long-term effects: 

  • Blood pressure will decrease considerably
  • Vascular system will relax and stress will be removed from the physiology and the psychology
  • Memory will improve
  • Creativity will increase
  • There will be a sense of joyfulness, humor, laughter, and light- heartedness
  • Concentration will improve
  • Reduction of mental and physical tension
  • Quality of sleep will improve; meditation may reduce the need for sleep in some or if one is in the habit of sleeping too little, it may reveal the need for increased rest
  • Has a balancing effect on the body and one's bodily awarenes

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