Who Am I?

Zsolt Ezsias is a conductive education teacher, a qualified elementary school teacher, a licensed practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child a meditation teacher and a certified yoga teacher.  Ezsias graduated in 1998 from the András Petõ Institute of Conductive Education and College for Conductor Training, in Budapest. Over the last ten years he has worked with more than 300 children and young adults with motor disabilities, ages 1-25, in Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Canada and the United States, most recently at a clinic near Chicago for eight years, where he was instrumental in developing programming.

GyorgyiWho Am I?

Gyorgyi Ezsias is a dedicated and highly skilled conductive education teacher and Itsy Bitsy yoga teacher. In 1989, Ezsias graduated from the András Petõ Institute of Conductive Education and College for Conductor Training, in Budapest.  She taught in Hungary and internationally, including Ireland, England, Germany, and Belgium, where she also served as an educational consultant for two years, developing programs for kindergarten through 8th grade at La Famille Centre in Brussels. After working as a conductive educator for nine years at a clinic near Chicago, she now specializes as an independent conductive education instructor, working in homes and at camps across the United States. Ezsias is experienced in collaborating with physical, occupational, and speech therapists, along with parents and school personnel, to create the optimal program for each individual child. Ezsias is currently enrolled in the Handwriting Without Tears program, completed pre-K to 5th grade workshops.



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