“We have been fortunate to have had Zsolt work with our son, Jack, since he was nearly two years old. In the eight years that they have worked together, we have seen Jack really benefit from the physical activity and the interactions with Zsolt. His physical development and motor control have been optimized with conductive education.  

Jack has been able to avoid some of the physical malformations associated with his condition by beginning at a young age and continuing with intensive therapy as he grows. Zsolt is very good at motivating Jack and has been understanding with all the phases Jack has gone through. I was thrilled when Zsolt began the incorporation of yoga and breathing awareness into the personalized therapy my son receives each week.  It is so nice to have a therapist who is constantly challenging himself as well as the kids he works with. Thanks, Zsolt!”

— Josephine






“My son Jared has cerebral palsy and has had a double osteotomy to repair his hip joints this year.  We recently had six weeks of conductive education in-home for him to help with his rehabilitation. After the hip surgery, Jared lost much muscle strength in his entire body and had almost no head control, thanks to spending two months in a body cast flat on his back.  After the conductive education session, he not only regained all of his head control, but made some huge leaps in his overall ability to do many daily activities.  He went from only being able to walk a handful of steps in his gait trainer to taking over 400 steps with minimal assistance. 

He can now help feed, dress, and bathe himself, and he can sit up in a modified seat at the table with the rest of the family for meals, rather than off to the side in a feeding chair.  At school, everyone commented that Jared’s ability to participate in class had improved amazingly.  Even strangers who only saw Jared occasionally commented that he seemed bright-eyed and excited when they saw him.

Perhaps the most amazing improvement we have seen is the tremendous desire for independence that Jared has gained.  Although he still requires help to do many things, he now tries very hard to do as much for himself as he can.  The abilities he has gained in just six short weeks have given him hope for independence.  Even though he has had traditional physical and occupational therapy for years, the new skills he has gained have shown him that he can accomplish things if he tries.

I highly recommend conductive education for any parents who are hoping to help their child gain more mobility and independence.  If Jared had had conductive education available to him years ago, he might be able to do many more things for himself already.  We were so pleased with the results Jared achieved during this short therapy session that we have enrolled him in a conductive education summer camp, and are looking forward to seeing him flourish.”

                                                            — David Thurmond




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